Good afternoon,

I just wanted to say how fantastic I think Maths Online is.

I have been teaching Maths for 13 years and have yet to find a product that even comes close to delivering what you do. I love the clear, concise explanations, the easy-to-follow layout and the additional questions and support materials provided.

So, congratulations on a job well done. Schools would be crazy not to use Maths Online!

Kerrin Manthey
Director of Teaching and Learning
Toowoomba Christian College, QLD

Mathsonline is a real winner for our families!

Our students not only enjoy doing maths this way but they’re also asking their teachers for more help. It’s a valuable resource for students who want to improve their basic skills as well as for those who want to extend themselves.  Participation in the program builds a student’s confidence.

Mathsonline is being used in classes as well as at home. Teachers are able to monitor their students’ progress and make informed decisions about how best to support their learning. Parents too can see how their child is going – they get a weekly progress report emailed to them.

Mrs Nina Pascoe
Assistant Principal
Irymple Secondary College, Vic

To MathsOnline Creators,

I just wanted to send you an email complimenting this amazing program.

I am in Year 12 and am completing the Mathematics course via distance education.
I am progressing well through the subject at home, but MathsOnline reiterates the specific lessons, furthering my education. It's great to have an extra place to find information and examples.

It also shows different examples to my textbooks, which better equips me for examinations. MathsOnline is friendly, not patronising - which some mathematics assistance websites/tutors can be.

I very much appreciate this service, so I would like to thank you for creating it :)

Keep up the good work !!

Monica Bowerman
Student, NSW

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on a product that our students have really appreciated and used extensively. Maths Online is an outstanding resource for students to consolidate or review their knowledge on a particular topic. The videos, worksheets and solutions, allow students to work in their own space and time. It allows teachers to get a detailed set of solutions and explanations to typical Mathematics questions.

Glenn Abrahams
Head of Faculty - Mathematics
Saint Ignatius College, Riverview NSW

We are a laptop school up to Year 10 and we have found that using mathsonline has given our students a better understanding of many mathematical concepts. The students have really enjoyed the innovative approach to learning and the interactive nature of the assessments.

Phil Brockbank
Head of Mathematics
All Saints' College WA

Maths Online has been an excellent way to help students who need to consolidate knowledge, students who have missed school for whatever reason, and students who want to gain an overview of a topic. It’s also a great way to set homework tasks. An excellent resource, well done!

The Maths Dept.
Green Point Christian College NSW

Dear Mathsonline Team,

This is absolutely fantastic! At the age of 45 I am going to finally learn all the maths I didn't understand at school. We find that we run into trouble because maths in our day was done differently and causes confusion. This will substantially reduce the stress levels in our household because as parents we will be able to see how these equations are worked out.

Thank you once again, enlightenment is near.

Sally Hudson
Parent, VIC

Maths Online has been a fantastic resource for our students, both high ability and lower ability. Some students have completed up to forty lessons in their own time! Both teachers and students alike have found it to be accessible and accurate; one of our teachers has even been using it to help refresh her memory for when she tackles the Mathematics course next year.

The Maths Faculty
Albury High School NSW

Maths Online processes reflect the approach that we use when teaching in the class room. Students adapt quickly and easily. It is easy to assign tasks to a class or an individual.

Maths Online is an excellent, well configured resource to use when setting homework and unit revision tasks. Students who are absent from class can use the tutorials to 'catch-up' on work that they have missed.

My students love it and always want to do well! Easy to set up, easy to manage, very useful for homework and very sustainable - less paper!

John Penman
Head of Mathematics
New Town High School, TAS

We are just starting to use Maths On-line and exploring how it can be used as a learning tool. So far we have found it useful for:

We are very grateful for the opportunity to use Maths On-line and will continue to embed it into our school program.

Michelle Crofts
Assistant Principal
Buckley Park College