Curriculum Designer

Would you like to create your own curriculum from the entire MathsOnline lesson list?

MathsOnline developed the Curriculum Designer to allow teachers to create their own courses from the complete MathsOnline suite of lessons. Design a curriculum from scratch or modify an existing Maths Online course. When the students log in, they’ll see the lesson menu restructured to reflect the curriculum you designed.

Some typical scenarios where you may wish to design your own curriculum:

  • The default curriculum provided covers topics that were either previously covered or won't be covered until a future year. That is, your school teaches the curriculum in a different order than the default curriculum presented by MathsOnline. Simply modify our curriculum to suit your school.
  • You work with students with special needs, and who require an individualised curriculum.
  • You have students that need to do remedial work from a previous year, but you do not wish to hold them back a level in the programme. Instead, include lessons from previous years under the banner of the year they are currently in.
  • You want to include more advanced topics from next year's course for your extension students.
  • You are a teacher at an MET, TAFE, Trade School or other educational institution that utilises some but not all the MathsOnline curriculum in the teaching of its courses. Instead of directing students here and there within the default MathsOnline curriculum, with the Curriculum Designer you are able to create a bespoke curriculum that contains only the lessons your students need, and in the order they will be studied.

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